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server/clan rules

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server/clan rules Empty server/clan rules

Post  1coldredneck on Sat Jan 29, 2011 8:39 am

all rules are to be followed without any questions failure to do so will result in punishment designed to fit the crime.

1. do not spawn kill punishment 1st offence warning 2nd offence kicked from server 3rd offence 24 hour ban from there ban will increse

2. do not spam artillery or airstrike punishment same as spawn killng bottting of any king punishment imediate permenate ban no warning

4. any cheating will result in ban

5. respect all members and guest failure to do so will result in the same punishment as spawn killing

6. watch your language on server and forum punishment will be decided by high admins

7.all rules apply at any server punishment for breaking rules at another server will be determined by high admins

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